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Adriatic wines in Czech Republic

Wine making at east side of Adriatic coast goes all the way from ancient times. Started to bloom during roman empire and continued till nowadays. It has never been commodity activity. Wine makers from this region have done it with lot of passion and dedication placing experience and learning from previous generations and continuously exploring new ways in both, wine yards farming and production methodology upgrades.

There is interesting fact about Dalmatia, south part of east Adriatic coast. Due to “wild” tectonics within carbonate rocks, karst morphology was formed in its “...

Words of a winelover from a holiday on Pelješac

Dear Adriatic Wines fans,

Quick greetings from the amazing Croatian peninsula of Pelješac!

It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! So beautiful and magnetic, that many foreigners fell in love with it, moved and started growing their own wineries, vineyards and create superb wines. 65km long breath-taking nature, with almost 1000m highest mountain, crystal clear Croatian Adriatic sea, endless beeches (just Google it)! You can also enjoy the best windsurfing in Adriatic, Roman-times shipwreck diving, the best oysters in the world, harvest salt in ancient precious salt pans, or walk al...

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