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Terra Madre

Terra madre winery is Situated in the South Croatia. It has around 16,55 ha of vineyards mostly indigenous varieties Plavac mali and Pošip.

A local microclimate , which enjoys hours of sunshine more than 2600 sun hours along with the sea reflection of Sun, location and the reflection of large limestone surfaces allows above-average insolation. The main view is on the northside of peninsula Peljesac with archiprlago of small islands and islands of Hvar and Brac.

We are in eco production , organic from 2013. (offically). The harvest is handmade, hand picking. In the basement there is new modern technology and we do production and vottling at the estate. Croatian and french oak barrels, inox tank. We won a lot of prizes and medals in Croatia but we are very proud of Decante Silver medal for plavac mali vintage 2016 as well as vintage 2017.


Pošip 2019 is a fresh and mineral wine, at the same time full of flavor and layered aroma. The aroma is dominated by aromas of tropical fruits (pineapple, banana) and typical Mediterranean herbs.

The 2019 Pošip wine grapes come from our Komarna vineyard and the grapes are produced using an organic and sustainable farming process - without the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

We start harvesting very early (mid-August), when the ratio of sugars to acids is optimal, in order to preserve the freshness and fruitiness of the wine

Grape variety: Pošip
Stile of Wine: Still wine
Vintage: 2019
Wine color: White
Level of sugar: Dry
Alcohol level: 13,00 %
Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C

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