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Saints Hills

Saints Hills is a boutique winery, founded by Tolj family in 2006, with purpose to make premium Croatian wine, from indigenous varieties mainly, grown only on the best positions, Croatian ‘first growths’. We started this journey out of love for wine, nature and life, and after years of corporate business, it was our way of turning the life around. The decision to ask Michel Rolland to join us on this trip came natural to us, since we have appreciated his work for many years before, and were honored by his positive answer.

Our four vineyards are situated on different positions. We grow reds in the south of Dalmatia, and whites in the north, in Istria. We also make one white in the south, since this variety is indigenous to the island of Korčula.

This is the first position in Croatia to be recognized and protected. It is situated on the peninsula of Pelješac, on the far south of Croatia (also near Dubrovnik). It has very steep south facing slopes (up to 40%) and the soil consists of red soil, limestone and quartz. The vineyard is famous for its triple insolation, since it dips into the sea (from sun, reflection from the sea, and reflection from the quartz). The winds are constant (day and night), so the vines are planted bush style, to preserve freshness. Because of steepness, stone terraces are built, and all vineyard-work is done only by hand. It has very low, but precious yield.


Dingač ferments in big wooden vats partially and in is partially barrel fermenter. It ages for 18-24 months in French oak barriques, and it is left to rest in the bottle for at least 6 months before release.

Grape variety: Plavac mali
Stile of Wine: Still wine
Vintage: 2015
Wine color: Red
Level of sugar: Dry
Alcohol level: 13,50 %
Serving temperature: 16 - 18°C

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