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Merga Victa

In the center of island Korčula, the fresh water ponds that feed the vineyards of the village of Smokvica are a remarkable gift of nature. Local people call this place “Merga Victa”, meaning “path for water” in old Dalmatian. 

Let’s drink to Nature and the gifted winemakers Igor Radovanović and Nikola Mirošević, who created this Pošip wine for You to enjoy. 

Merga Victa, the gifted wine from the gifted island.

Merga Victa Pošip

Merga Victa Pošip is a dry white wine from Korčula vineyards, location Smokvica. This is a birthplace of variety Pošip, a first white wine variety in Croatia with a protected geographic label. This wine features a shiny yellow-gold colour, robust character, it is nicely balanced with elegant finish. Scented notes of citrus and green apple are prevailant on the nose, followed by intensive aromas of ripe white fruit, flowers and herbal notes on the palate.

Grape variety: Pošip
Stile of Wine: Still wine
Vintage: 2019
Wine color: White
Level of sugar: Dry
Alcohol level: 13,50 %
Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C

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