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Iločki Podrumi

Ilok Cellars are creating wines that are reflecting the power of the mighty Danube, the pride of over two millennium’s old tradition and the character of the unique terroirs of the Croatian Danube - Principovac and Vukovo!

Through history until nowadays our wines are carrying the insignia of “the original domain bottling” introduced by the Odescalchi family to mark the originality and elegance of wines they created from grapes of noble varieties, from best appellations, in ideal conditions of the Old wine cellar built in 1450., using state-of the art technologies and filling them on their own property. Two centuries later this “Odescalchi’s principle” for creating great wines became an example that was followed by other great names of the world wine order.

The exceptional quality of wines produced and branded by Ilok cellars is continuously confirmed with platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals of the most influential wine competitions and recommended by true wine authorities.

Wines for every occasion, wine for special occasions, wines to enjoy and wines to remember!

Traminac Principovac

Vinification: hand harvest, best grape selection, pressing, sedimentation for 24 h at 10 °C, decanting / stainless steel tanks fermentation at 18 °C, 8-12 days. Further mautirng in inox vats.

Aging potential: The wine is in perfect condition for immediate enjoying or to keep the wine developing in the bottle.

This semi-sweet styled wine has a intense gold color, a distinguished well developed varietal aroma. This noble wine is very rich, complex and sophisticated on the palate dominated by intensive honey tones. This wine is full-bodied creamy and round. Perfect choice for special occasions with white meat dishes, fine noble cheese selection. A wine to enjoy!

Grape variety: Traminer
Stile of Wine: Still wine
Vintage: 2018
Wine color: White
Level of sugar: Semi - sweet
Alcohol level: 14,50 %
Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C

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