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Orbico Adriatic partners

Orbico is having a long term business relationship with many multinational organizations enabling the brands in their portfolio close to the customers and consumers in the local markets. 

The brands in Orbico portfolio have strong equity in customers’ minds, strong market value and retailers desire to have them in the stores. Orbico and business partners are aligning the business strategy related to successfully launch, position, revitalize, track and manage brands in our portfolio to enable them to reach significant value and great impact for all included parties: producer, distributer, customer and consumer.

Orvas Yachting

Our company Orvas d.o.o. is part of Orbico group, one of the leading distributor for a large number of globally known quality brands in Europe. Orvas Yachting was founded in 1999. as part of Orvas d.o.o. and has grown from being a small sector of the company to forming a large part of it: a charter company with one of the largest fleets in Split region. Apart from the charter business, Orvas d.o.o. is the owner of 2 hotels, 17 luxury villas with pools, 5 apartments and has even become a wine and olive oil boutique producer.

Our mission is to provide a tailored and unique holiday for each client, give each client an individual approach and in the end create the best holiday of a lifetime. Also, our vision the long term is to develop good relationships with our clients and partners, become recognizable travel agents and the best holiday advisors.


BiteMe Zagreb Croatia

We provide healthy, energy-sustaining products that fuel your every MOTION, and thus let you keep focusing on the EMOTION that drives you. Ultimately, we want you to say B!TE ME to all of the things that hold you back and push through to your goal.

At B!TE ME we want to lead a global movement toward a new standard approach to sports nutrition, built on the grounds of real-world sports needs, expert experience, natural recipes, and a broader understanding of our connection with the environment.

Vegetariana Zagreb Croatia

Our vision was to create a top quality products, which will encourage healthy eating habits, and with that also promote business practices that respect the earth and the environment. In 1996 along with the first meatless spreads and cold cuts produces in Croatia, the line of a brand Vegetariana has been launched and the realization of the vision has started.

Along this period, we tried to inspire people to choose and adopt healthier eating habits. Our mission remains the same, to be innovative and meet the expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, construction, and development of relations that are based on mutual trust through quality products, due to the nutritional composition and excellence of the taste, represents Vegetariana main goal.

Eta Kamnik Slovenia

Eta is at home in Europe and Slovenia, but most of all in nature. Eta knows the ancient flavours of the countryside and the best traditions of home cooking but also the demands of today’s fast pace of life. The flavours of Eta products were known to our grandmothers, from whom Eta has inherited the best traditional methods for preserving natural flavours. Since 1923, the company has been located in Kamnik in the heart of Slovenia, a fertile land between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, between the Pannonian Plain and the Karst.

The delicatessen specialities, condiments and side dishes, sauces, pickled vegetables, ready-made meals, jams, and preserves prepared by Eta deliver nature to the table in different countries all over the world.

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