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New wine partnership with Vinatis France

Orbico Group is pleased to announce new wine partnership with Vinatis Sarl for distribution Adriatic wines on the French market.

It all started in 2002. Vinatis was born from the meeting of two friends with common passions: entrepreneurship and above all, wine. Olivier and Manu's ambition is to help consumers choose their own bottle, by offering them a real selection at the best price.

It is on the shores of Lake Annecy that our start-up concentrates all of its services, from marketing to logistics. From the beginning, we have distinguished ourselves by our price and service policy as well as by the strong ...

New wine partnership with Surlan distribucija Serbia

Orbico Group is pleased to announce new wine partnership with Surlan company for distribution Adriatic wines on the serbian market.

Surlan family from the Banat village Novi Kozarci started cultivating fruit in the end of last century. In the beginning they cultivated fruit only for their own needs and the needs of nearby local market.

In 2011 a little family company turned into a serious and big distillery which produces some of the best fruit brandies that can be found on Serbian market today. Now they are adding also wines to their portfolio in you will find some excellent natural wines from Adriatic terr...

New wine partnership with with Coenecoop Wine Traders b.v. (Delta Wines BV) 

Orbico Group is pleased to announce new wine partnership with Coenecoop Wine Traders b.v. (Delta Wines BV) for distribution Croatian wines on the Netherland market.

Coenecoop Wine Traders b.v. has existed since 1991 and started as a sole trader. What started as a small wine importer quickly grew into a serious trading partner. Since 2007, Coenecoop Wine Traders has been part of the Delta Wines BV company. Partly due to this collaboration, Coenecoop Wine Traders has grown to become the market leader in organic wines. Specialized in biological wine and fair trade, with innovation in our blood, we are inspired by ...

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