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Explore Croatia

Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialties. Aperitifs such as the world famous Maraschino of Zadar, starters such as cheese from Pag, ham and kulenova seka of Slavonia, oysters and mussels from Ston, delicious grilled fish, salted anchovies, delicacies such as eels and frogs from the Neretva Valley, turkey with mlinci, pašticada from Split, and desserts like puddings, Kotonjata, kroštule or fritule are among the many dishes in an unforgettable menu that will conquer your senses.

From north to south and from east to west, from the shores of the Adriatic in Dalmatia to the valleys of Slavonia, each region of Croatia has its own special culinary personality that will surprise you. From proto-Slavic essences mixed with Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences in the meats, desserts and vegetable dishes of the continental regions, to the Greek, Roman and Illyrian Mediterranean flavors of the fish delicacies and wines of the coastal region… Let your taste travel across centuries of tradition and relish every moment.


Explore Slovenia

In Slovenia, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Love tastes like dishes from no less than 24 gastronomic areas and three wine-growing areas. Local mineral waters have also always been served on Slovenian tables, and recently beers from local Slovenian microbreweries have also attracted interest.

Immerse yourself in the unique stories that simmer in the Slovenian gastronomic pot. Discover the secret of fullness of flavours, learn about the close connection between people and nature in food production and about their dedication to tradition, then indulge in the boldness and innovation of top Slovenian chefs.


Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina

For many travelers, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a new and unexplored destination. But more than a hundred years ago, the first tourists traveled the country, which at the time was under the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Bosnia and Herzegovina is today connected to all European centers by air, and with thoroughfares in and out of Croatia. The scenic road from Sarajevo to Mostar through the wild and beautiful canyon of the Neretva River is a breathtaking ride. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a melting pot of many different cultures, a bridge between East and West.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a paradise for nature lovers with soaring mountains, untouched forests and wild rivers inviting you to come for rafting and canoeing or taking long walks. The Olympic ski tracks offer the opportunity to enjoy the snow with affordable prices. Perhaps the greatest asset is the wonderful hospitality of Bosnian people, along with the traditional Bosnian coffee and cakes, the irresistible ćevapi (grilled minced-meat fingers), traditional wines and lively urban promenades and small cozy places.


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